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We are a team of filmmakers who are distinguished by a perfect image of 4K Ultra HD quality, unconventional and original approach to the subject, and above all, a dynamic editing style.
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Customers about our services

Because in life, only moments matter… Huge THANK YOU for such an awesome film! Memories from such a beautiful and long-awaited day for us… We couldn’t have dreamed of it better… We could watch it over and over again! Parents delighted, friends amused. Everyone kept saying just one thing… ‘I would like to repeat it’. You are great. You have tremendous skills, great determination, and passion that others can only envy! We will definitely recommend your team with a clear conscience. Warm regards, Ania and Staszek 🖤


Great team! Right from the start, you can see their full professionalism. And the film we received exceeded all our wildest expectations! Something beautiful! We wholeheartedly recommend it! <3


Great team with the best possible equipment. The gentlemen approach their work very professionally. The result? A wonderful material and keepsake for the newlyweds! I highly recommend it 🙂.


Fantastic film crew, I wholeheartedly recommend them. After the wedding, it was nice to hear the guests’ opinions about the film crew, many said they had never seen such professionals and such a large number of people filming a wedding ☺️ After the editing, the film turned out great, the best parts are the inserts with films consisting of different shots, perfectly matched music to the visuals. I’m thrilled and recommend it to anyone who wants to have a beautiful keepsake ❤️❤️❤️❤️.


Wonderful team who really knows their stuff! Excellent cooperation not only on the wedding day but also afterwards. The edited material exceeded our wildest expectations 🙂 And it’s not just our opinion! But everyone who has seen our wedding film and music video 🙂 I sincerely praise and RECOMMEND this collaboration, which from start to finish proceeded in an extremely pleasant atmosphere. And once again, THANK YOU. From the bottom of our hearts 🙂


Thank you for the beautiful keepsake, and we recommend working with Charles Studio 😊 Professional customer approach, film quality, and everything else – at the highest level. Many friends have said they haven’t seen a better music video than ours ❤ And that’s the best summary 😊 D&K


With a clear conscience, we recommend it. If you want to have an unconventional, modern film, choose Charles Studio!


Great team with the best possible equipment. The gentlemen approach their work very professionally. The result? A wonderful material and a keepsake for the newlyweds! Highly recommended 🙂.


We highly recommend Charles Studio along with my husband! Full professionalism, and the film and music video are beautiful. Thank you for capturing our most important day! 🫶🏻💕


Thank you for the wonderful wedding souvenir! We highly recommend Charles Studio! Best regards, Łukasz and Dagmara


We had a fantastic experience. The crew is very professional! we are very satisfied with the results. Highly recommended.
Dziękuję bardzo Idan & Kasia


Mr. Karol is a true professional! The music video is simply all of us, nothing to add, nothing to take away! I highly recommend it!


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Frequently asked questions


Typically, we are with you from the preparations until the wedding ceremony, which is about 10-12 hours. It also all depends on the package you choose. You can also order us for any number of hours.
We recommend booking your date at least 6-12 months in advance, especially if you are planning a wedding in popular months such as May-October.
Absolutely! I understand that each couple has their own unique needs and visions. I offer a variety of packages that can be tailored to your specific wishes and budget. I encourage you to contact me to discuss the details and create an offer perfectly suited to your big day.
The standard waiting time for a video is about 3-8 months after the wedding date, but we always try to deliver the finished product as soon as possible.
Of course, your preferences are important to us. You can suggest songs that you like, and we will try to incorporate them into the video, paying attention to copyright.
The process of creating a wedding video begins with getting to know your expectations and vision. After recording the footage, we proceed to the editing stage, where we meticulously select the best shots. For us, editing is the art of storytelling, so we put all our experience and heart into it.
Absolutely! Your feedback is very important to me. After the first edition of the video, you have the opportunity to make your comments and suggestions, which I will take into account when creating the final version of the video.
Yes, I offer drone shots that can add a spectacular perspective and unforgettable views to your wedding video. I use professional equipment to ensure the highest quality images.
Yes, we also offer outdoor sessions before or after the wedding day. This is a great opportunity to create unique shots on a less busy schedule.
Yes, I am available to work both domestically and internationally. For events outside my standard area of operation, additional travel and accommodation costs may be added.
I offer the option of purchasing raw, unedited video footage, if this is something you desire. We discuss the details of such an option individually during the consultation.
Prices start at PLN 3500 and may fluctuate depending on the package and additional services you may wish to include. I will be happy to discuss all details of prices and packages during a personal consultation.
We accept payment by bank transfer or cash. We collect the reservation fee on the day of booking the date, and the remaining amount on the day of the wedding.
Of course, we prefer to meet in person to better understand your expectations and discuss all the details.

Wedding Films by Charles-Studio

A well-crafted wedding video is not just a simple documentation of the event, but above all a story that reaches the hearts and sinks into the memory of the newlyweds and their loved ones for years to come. What determines that wedding films become unique? First of all, we make every effort to ensure that our wedding or wedding videos are full of emotions and authentic moments. It is those sincere smiles, tears of emotion and spontaneous gestures that are captured on, that give the production a unique character and make it an unforgettable souvenir.

In addition, wedding videos should be carefully edited and narratively thoughtful. Creative editing, well-chosen music and a smooth presentation of the story help to create a cohesive story that takes the viewer through the entire wedding ceremony and reception, showing both its highlights and subtle details.

Finally, a key feature of a well-made wedding video is its versatility and timelessness. While industry trends may change, the emotional and sentimental value of the resulting footage remains constant through the years. Therefore, it is important that the wedding film is not only technically perfect, but most importantly full of authentic emotions and the true beauty of the moment.

The wedding films we create are those that not only document the event, but above all capture its essence and emotions, creating an unforgettable story that will be enjoyed by the newlyweds for many years.

Wedding videographer Charles Studio

Every frame is a story
- may your story last forever

Professional wedding video full of emotions and the most beautiful shots only from Charles-Studio

Are you at the stage of preparing all the elements that will accompany you on your wedding day? Every bride and groom know that this will be a very important day, so it is necessary to find people who care about making sure that everything goes as it should. It is one thing to make sure that the event itself takes place as planned, and quite another matter how it will be remembered. It is the wedding film and photographs that will be the lasting medium of your wedding day memories. If you have looked at our site, it means that you are looking for someone who will be able to meet your expectations and make a beautiful wedding film for you.

We are aware of the importance of preserving the most important moments of the day, so in our work we take care of every detail. We approach filming weddings with passion and heart, because we know how much emotion can be preserved in them. Professional filming weddings is more than simply filming the bride and groom and guests. Our wedding videographer pays attention to capturing your mutual gazes, emotions and emotion, which will be with you from the very beginning. As the years go by, you will remember how important that moment was, but it is on the wedding film that you will see yourself again from that day. This way you will have the most beautiful souvenir of your wedding and reception with you at any time in the future.

Wedding photos are very important, but they do not always capture the emerging smile of the groom who sees his beloved on the doorstep. This is the moment that for many lasts the longest of the entire event. The moment when all the gathered guests are waiting and looking only at you. The stress and emotions are indescribable. You can see them in every gesture – trembling hands, tears of emotion, your mutual looks full of acquisition and sincere smiles. Capturing this magical moment is exactly our task. Focus on your love and the fact that you are about to enter the next stage of your relationship, and leave it to us to preserve it all in the best possible form of a wedding film.

Filming weddings with Charles-Studio

Filming weddings and weddings is an activity that gives us a lot of joy. We can in a neutral way accompany those who are enjoying their happiness together. Such an atmosphere really motivates us and makes us care that our clients can later watch the most important moments of the day. Our wedding videographer has the right experience, which, together with sensitivity and attentiveness, allows us to capture every escaping moment. We know that you want to have a moment to yourself in all of this, without wondering if the camera sees you well and if the photos cover everything. With us, you don’t have to think about that. All we need is you and what is between you. On your wedding day, take care of what matters most and trust our team. We will take care of what you care about most.

Why should you choose us? We can convince you with what we have managed to create. Many people say that the wedding videos made by us are full of real wedding atmosphere and make you transported back to that day again while watching. We pay attention to ensure that the finished wedding film has a unique atmosphere in it. It is you who create it, we are able to frame it beautifully and professionally.

We want every couple to have a lasting memento in the future. The thought that in 5 or 10 years you will sit down together and watch the video with a smile on your face, cuddling together, motivates us. We live our passion and enjoy the joy of others, and as a result, filming weddings works out very well for us.

Wedding videographer Charles-Studio

In our offer you will find the service of a videographer for the wedding, who will accompany you during the ceremony and the party afterwards. In the category of wedding videos, we can offer you a variety of options – short videos that are about 5 minutes long, as well as longer recordings. Regardless of which form you decide on, we always add a special wedding video for our clients. The wedding video included in the package is a several-minute recording full of the essence of the whole day.

As a modern wedding videographer, we specialize in modern, elegant and balanced wedding filming. Trust our experience and modernistic view of the wedding industry, because the best wedding videographer can only be one! A stiff, boring wedding video that no one watches afterwards – not with us!

As a professional videographer for weddings, we provide interesting wedding films, which will be almost a Hollywood picture of the most important day in your life, departing from the lengthy and boring reportage films. Modern wedding film – only such films we create at

If you are interested in our offer, feel free to contact us. We are open to various proposals and are always willing to listen to customer comments. In the starter package we bring with us a lot of energy, commitment and focus on the most important things using professional equipment. If you have your own preferences for your wedding or reception video then be sure to tell us. Together we will determine what you expect, so we can better prepare it for you.

For those who are interested in additional shots, we have good news. Many of our clients often arrange with us for outdoor recordings, which add even more charm to the final wedding film. We can record them on the wedding day itself or another day of your choice. It all depends on you.

We encourage you to view the wedding films we have already made. If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them, so do not wait and boldly call us! We are motivated and ready to go!