Videofilming weddings – Cracow

The wedding is one of those events in the life of every person that is mentioned until the end of life. Capturing the unique and most beautiful moments in a wedding film gives you the opportunity to refresh a happy memory and return to this important moment even after long years. Wideofilmowanie weddings and weddings is, apart from wedding photography, the main pillar of modern, well-executed wedding reportage.

Charles Studio will capture the moments that will capture your heart

The wedding video is the essence of our abilities and skills, which will become the essence of such beautiful moments. Each pair is unique and different because we avoid the usual paths and each created movie is unique. We also create original fiancé films, thanks to parents and even wedding invitations. It is a different, non-schematic way to invite those closest to you on this important day, showing our commitment, joy and how important their presence is to us. We have a sense of filming, a long-term passion, which resulted in experience and the latest film equipment, i.e. cameras recording the image in 4K technology. High resolution and the largest possible fluidity supported by mechanical-electronic image stabilizers are the advantages that will give the film a Hollywood-like quality. At your disposal, our air fleet remains in a state of readiness – technologically advanced drones, compact dimensions that will travel wherever you are to fulfill your task. Our qualifications to pilot the drone have been gained by completing the prestigious UAVO exam, which confirms our skills and makes filming weddings from the air carried by a professional, at which we feel safe and at ease.

Our videographer for a wedding is an expert and artist who, apart from filming the ceremony itself, also arranges the wedding plein air. Our country offers many beautiful landscapes, but we can go to any place on earth where we can only reach. If you want to capture the lush green Irish cliffs sprayed with sea dew or on the oriental, hilly areas of Morocco, this is not a problem. These examples are the dreams of one of our clients.

Filming weddings can take place with the simultaneous use of up to six cameras, which gives us a variety of different shots, which we will convert into a dynamic, captivating whole movie. Making careful and skilful selection in post-production, the film only hits the best and the most interesting shots, providing a range of aesthetic experiences interspersed with emotions that result from experiencing such important events from the completely new perspective. We cordially invite everyone from Krakow and the surrounding area to contact us in order to establish cooperation details.