In recent years the development of technology gained unimaginable momentum. This can be seen also in modern film productions, including films wedding. Popularized the drones, which are also used successfully in wideofilmowaniu weddings.As I am a professional cameraman wedding, and passionate about the recording from the air, I decided to combine both passions. To my films I enable stunning shots taken by a drone. Wideofilmowanie wedding and weddings with the drone is something that distinguishes my films from the competition.

  • I am a holder of a certificate of qualifications UAVO, which makes all my drone flights are totally legal and bezpieczne.
  • I have a modern drones, recording in 4K resolution.
  • I have DJI MAVIC 3 – professional drone to the recordings at the highest level.

Look at my wedding video and see for yourself that the intake of air add their unbelievable charm.

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