Videofilming in the city of Kielce

Photos on a wedding carpet is a beautiful thing, but it is not able to capture the magic and atmosphere of the moment as a wedding video does. Advanced equipment in our possession and professionalism will cause that over time the recording from your wedding will allow you to experience everything from scratch to feel those unique emotions again. Our cameraman for weddings outside the rich technical background puts the most on creativity and finding new ways to express emotions. Cooperation with us is also about clarifying your needs and preferences, thanks to which we will establish a common understanding, creating a work that fits into the common aesthetic sense.

Why choose Charles Studio?

A wedding film has not got a name. There are couples who prefer a romantic story, wanting a movie that tells their love story filled with symbolism and sensual scenes. Others will put on a documentary that will show fragments of preparations for the wedding, the whole ceremony and the wedding, putting on the simple things in which the soul of the whole event is hidden. And also couples who want to play with the convention, mixing different styles to create a completely new, pioneer composition.

We give you the opportunity to register up to six cameras, so that we can simultaneously register the same unique moment in a different way. This results in a number of unlimited possibilities in post-production, allowing us to choose the most interesting and best shots from the entire party to create our final work. No moment will be overlooked, no potential will be wasted.

We operate the perspective in an original and efficient way, and we combine the transitions of scenes made on earth and those in the air neatly. Thanks to that, every free space in the space that surrounds us becomes a place to create a unique shot. The materials created by us are characterized by extraordinary fluidity and unusual quality thanks to 4K technology and image stabilization equipment. Camera faucet, as well as flagship models of professional drone are our devices that capture beautiful interiors and landscapes under our control. Just filming weddings in this way is an engaging show for the audience, but above all makes the film a real visual experience.

Kielce is a beautiful city that creates a long history and the surrounding beautiful, rich aura of greenery. This allows us to spread our wings to make a non-substantial work of art from our material. We cordially invite everyone who is looking for a cameraman for a wedding to contact. We will discuss the details to establish fruitful cooperation.