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Today’s video will start uniquely because we will start with words sent by satisfied customers 🙂 for such moments we love our work. It motivates us to keep going and to keep improving the quality of our films. — ” A wedding should be a day in life that is unique and special. There is a lot going on on this day, the vows are moving, wishes from guests are coming from everywhere, emotions are squeezing the throat. It passes quickly, we are not able to remember every second. That’s why we chose Charles Studio company, to be our eyes on the day, to capture what we can’t see, to show us the magic of the day from many perspectives. The video of the wedding is unique, you can not make a duplicate, you can not again shed the same tears or generate smiles. The task we set for the videographers was not easy – they were not only to record images – they were to capture emotions, be invisible to us, but at the same time always be there, where something important was taking place. We wanted to freeze the atmosphere of the day in the film. To accomplish this task, both high-end equipment (we wanted the wedding to be shot in 4K quality) and editing skills are necessary. The Charles Studio team provided us with several cinematographers, a movie tap, aerial filming, and film editing that makes you watch every second with bated breath and want more. It’s priceless to see each other’s faces when saying the vows as we become husband and wife. The professional team took care of sound recording, capturing our facial expressions from several cameras. We had previously worked with Charles Studio on wedding invitations and thank-you notes for parents. Thanks to their creative approach to editing and helping us choose how to convey our words, the videos accurately conveyed the content we wanted to convey to our loved ones, and during the wedding we were reassured by the quality of the work done. When you watch the video, you don’t think about the 4K quality, the multiple perspectives, the bird’s-eye view, you don’t break it down, you just see it as a whole of emotion and emotion, as the encapsulation of our love in a cinematic keepsake for life. Thank you for letting us relive the day, for recording what we didn’t see, for letting us smile while watching every minute. ” Thank you!