Videofilming weddings in the city of Poznan

Professional photographs are able to convey all human emotions, but they have their limitations, unable to capture important moments, unexpected events or moving speeches. For people who value the whole, not fragments, the wedding film will work best. Professionally prepared, she can remember after many years the blessing, the wedding ceremony, the oath, the first dance or cutting the cake … In a word, a fountain of feelings, emotions and memories. Filming weddings and weddings is also recorded in the best quality, crystal clear sound which is extremely important in creating a movie from the wedding reception.

A professional videographer for a wedding and creative artist

The wedding video does not contain explosions, gunfire or spectacular chases, but that does not mean it has to be boring. The whole recipe is based on skills, equipment and talent how to use it and connect. Some of them have one, many, two, and only some three, so an example of a wedding retinue can look like a film, solemn, lively and spontaneous dynamic almost parade or as a queue to the store. You have to choose well, but do not worry – you’ve come to the right place! As a cameraman for a wedding, in addition to all three advantages, I have an UAVO qualification for driving a drone, additionally confirmed by a state exam. My drones are the flagship models of the prestigious DJI company for professionals, thanks to which every flight is safe and the access to the place of the wedding, the ceremony and the wedding can be varied with attractive aerial shots expanding the perspective and perception of the events themselves. They are an extremely original souvenir and make a wedding movie not only a record of events, but a real film feast. All the more so if the wedding takes place in one of the most beautiful cities in Poland, which is Poznań. Just looking at the city from a different perspective is an interesting experience. All my cameras, including those in which drones are equipped, record the image in 4K technology, which ensures clarity of image, sharpness and depth in all aspects. Steadicams and onboard gimbals provide an image free of vibrations (in the sky as well as on the ground) regardless of whether the wind is strong or whether the dance floor is trembling from the first dance of the bride and groom. On the other hand, additional aerial shots will be provided by the camera crane where the sound of the drone rotors is not indicated, for example, in the church.

If you are willing to cooperate – we are very happy! We ask you to contact us in advance. Filming weddings and weddings should take place in a calm atmosphere of understanding, and in our work the most important is the satisfaction of a newly married couple. Will you decide to have a few minute wedding video? Is an hour-long wedding reportage? It’s only your decision and we approach each order individually, offering services at the highest level and satisfaction after they have been made.