Modern wedding movies – Warsaw

Hiring a wedding photographer has become the standard that almost every couple chooses for their wedding party. This is one of the most important days in life, moments are fleeting, that’s why people want to stop them, close the time in the frame. A professional videographer for a wedding will not only stop them, but also bring back to life moments that with full dynamics and nostalgia will be able to refresh at any moment. That’s why filming weddings and weddings is such a desirable and exclusive service, because the professionals are a handful, and wanting the film to fulfill its function, you have to decide on just such.

Charles Studio – visual narrator and ace of space

Our studio operates with the most modern equipment that releases our film potential, allowing videofilm in Ultra High Definition (UHD) quality, also known as 4K technology. Thanks to this, our films combined with the highest liquidity, image stabilization, remarkable creativity and the ability to create shots make the material not only beautiful aesthetically pleasing and its dynamism, evoking the real emotions we are looking for, going to the cinema. Ceremony and party form a part of the film, its heart, but it can not form a whole, creating a moving photo of it. The professional diversifies and builds material as a full-length wedding film based on a relationship with an appropriate visual narrative that will lead the viewer from beginning to end, keeping him in suspense. Such elements will include integrated interviews with participants who have the opportunity to wish young couples a word, thank you for the invitation and share the impressions of the wedding. We also undertake short films. They can be used as a harbinger to build tension before the actual projection or as an arranged thanks to parents.

The professional is looking for the best frames and solutions that will make the film a unique one, able to show things you have not seen before. An ordinary cameraman will not go beyond the schematic, but the pilot of an unmanned aerial vehicle, which is a drone – literally “flew out”. Our drones are vehicles of the best and most prestigious DJI company, which also has a great, bright HDR optics. It allows you to get a completely new, clear and sharp perspective and shots thanks to which you will experience your special day as for the first time. Filming weddings goes to a whole new level. Warsaw has a lot of potential when it comes to diverse and beautiful scenery, which has many green and historical sites to offer. We can make contact with nature or history, but we will capture every detail.

Such a film made, will meet the expectations of even the most sophisticated director, but most of all our clients. We cordially invite you to contact us and we will discuss the issues of immortalizing the most beautiful moment in your life!