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How do I act as a videographer for weddings in Zakopane?

A videographer’s job is not only to create beautiful images, but also to make many decisions, communicate with clients, manage time and many other aspects. For this reason, we begin each assignment by creating a plan. Once all the details are set, we review recording schedules and select the right equipment for the planned assignments. We also include time for proper preparation of the equipment – checking cameras, camcorders, charging batteries, taking appropriate lenses and other accessories – all in order to complete the entire service efficiently and without complications. In carrying out the order, we are discreet and make every effort to ensure that our presence in no way affects the ongoing ceremony. For our team, filming weddings is not just a job, it is first and foremost a passion, which inspires us to look for the best possible solutions, as well as to capture real, spontaneous emotions and fleeting moments – because they are what will make your film unique.

Filming of weddings and wedding in Zakopane - price

Prices for wedding ceremony and wedding filming services in Zakopane vary, and the price is influenced by a number of factors, such as the range of services selected, the amount of footage recorded, and additional options, such as the use of modern technology (e.g. 4K), drone shots or slow motion footage. In the case of our offer, the cost of filming weddings and/or weddings starts from 4500 PLN. We encourage you to contact us directly – this way it will be best for us to discuss the details together and adjust the offer to individual preferences and available budget – it is worth taking advantage of the packages!

How long have I been working as a wedding videographer in Zakopane?

I am a creative and experienced videographer, specializing in filming wedding ceremonies and weddings. I fulfill orders throughout Poland, including Zakopane. I have been capturing unforgettable moments for many years, creating unique videos for newlyweds. Although documenting events is important, my main goal is to show beautiful stories through images that will become a unique keepsake for years to come.

My offerings include a flexible approach to each assignment and a variety of service packages to suit your individual needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a short video or a longer report, I am open to your suggestions, as they help create something unique and tailored to your expectations. I encourage you to contact me – I will be happy to discuss any details and answer any questions.

How long a wedding video do I prepare?

Our experience allows us to say that the most successful videos are from 5 to 75 minutes in length. The options we have for this are many, but we will always adapt them to your personal preferences. Once we know exactly what you want, we will help you choose the format that works best for your ceremony! Our approach to filming is modern and breaks out of the usual patterns. Whether you prefer a long-length Hollywood-style production or a short video of your wedding ceremony and/or reception, our goal will be to capture the beauty of the moment in a dynamic and unique way. In order to create unforgettable shots that capture the magic known from the silver screen, we use professional scripting and editing, as well as the highest quality 4K, and if you will, also drone or slow motion shots. Contact us now so that together we can create your unique keepsake!

How long does it take to edit a wedding and reception video?

The editing process is always carried out with full commitment and passion, and the production time of the finished film in our studio averages between 3 and 8 months. We always strive to deliver the finished product as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your special story as soon as possible. Our approach is comprehensive and takes into account every detail important to you, from the length of the video to the selection of the perfect music – all according to your preferences. Production time can depend on the options you choose, such as drone shots, special effects, type of editing, and the final length of the footage. We cordially invite you to talk to us, during which we will discuss all the details and set a date for the delivery of the final version of the wedding film even before the start of the order.

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