Filming weddings – Wrocław

Skillfully recorded and edited video recording is much more attractive than standard photo relations. However, in order to receive wedding film production of the highest quality, it is necessary to use the services of a professional with the best technical and technological facilities. Then we are sure that the most important and beautiful moments will be captured in the way we will be delighted with them, and which will become the most precious souvenir of a young couple who will be presented with pride and joy to close relatives and perhaps also to future generations.

Cameraman for the wedding – Charles Studio

Wedding recording is an extremely important souvenir, which made by an experienced cameraman and his frame magic will accentuate and highlight all the most important moments of this special day, and will bring out depths of even seemingly simple things. Photographs are a medium that has its limitations, which will not be able to give joy, happiness coming from the wedding party. The video recording will reflect the real magic of the wedding and the wedding, providing the authentic emotions prevailing during the ceremony. In the wedding film we create, we want to capture not only a moving picture from that day, but real feelings between people who vibrate everywhere. The definition of our work is a perfect balance between form and content.

High-tech, modern equipment allows us to record images in 4K technology – the best possible and desired resolution. Additional gimbals and steadycams provide unprecedented image stabilization of all vibrations, while our cameraman will provide dynamic shots of the event, and 240 FPS will provide fantastic fluidity and the ability to perform fantastic slow-motion (SLOW MOTION), which will add a lot of new sensations and allow you to see details invisible earlier. Equipped with a camera crane, a device based on a boom, a special camera crane, we will provide professional aerial shots where another possibility is not available. The interior of the historic cathedral or church hall will be able to film from a completely new perspective even up to eight meters high.

Filming weddings and weddings is a task that requires a lot of skill and creativity – a cross-bar that many can not jump over. To meet the expectations of customers, our cameraman for the wedding underwent many trainings and graduated from the prestigious state examination, which entitles him to rise to the sky with our drones equipped with modern cameras, through which we capture unique shots of the ceremony, combining them neatly with the local landscape or architecture. The European Capital of Culture, or Wrocław, combines historic facades with modern construction in a harmonious, colorful collage presenting itself from the bird’s eye view in a unique way.

If you are interested in videofilmowanie weddings and weddings, we invite you to contact anyone interested in cooperation.