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How do I operate as a videographer for weddings in Kielce?

As a videographer for weddings in Kielce, I ensure professional recording and documentation of key moments from the wedding ceremony. As a team – depending on the package chosen by you – we usually accompany the couple from preparations to the wedding reception, which is about 10-12 hours, although you can also order any other amount of time from us. We usually discuss all the details together before the ceremony at a meeting, after which I will be able to prepare accordingly, plan the route, set up camera positions, and take care of other technical details, such as ensuring I have an adequate number of batteries, memory cards, and necessary equipment for recording. During the wedding ceremony itself, I ensure the presence of the camera in strategic locations to capture all important moments, such as the entrance of the bride, speeches, ring exchange, etc.

If you also decide to use our drone filming service, I ensure its safe and effective flight and capture spectacular aerial shots. During the wedding reception, I record guest wishes, fun activities, the course of the wedding, and other exciting moments that occur during the event.

As a team, we aim to capture not only events but also emotions and atmosphere, so we focus on creativity in selecting frames and shots. During our work, we usually collaborate with photographers, DJs, and other service providers to ensure the smooth running of the event and make the most of the filming potential.

After the event, we handle the editing and post-production of the recorded footage, selecting appropriate shots, adding music, and sound effects to create the final wedding film. Our goal is to capture the most beautiful moments of this special day and create an unforgettable keepsake for you to cherish.

Wedding videography and weddings in Kielce - price

The prices for wedding videography and weddings in Kielce depend on many factors: primarily the scope of services, the duration of filming, and any additional options such as editing or drone shots. The cost of our filming services starts at 4500 PLN. It’s worth contacting us to discuss all the details, allowing us to tailor the offer (we also have attractive packages) to your preferences and budget.

How long do I work as a cameraman at a wedding in Kielce?

I have many years of experience working as a cameraman at weddings. Thanks to this, I am open to various proposals and always willing to listen to your suggestions, proposals, and comments. In the basic package, I bring a lot of energy, commitment, and focus on the most important things using professional equipment. If you have any suggestions regarding the wedding or wedding film, it’s worth mentioning them during our meeting. Together, we will determine what you expect, allowing us to better understand you, ensuring that the prepared material meets your expectations.

How long of a wedding film do I prepare?

Typically, the prepared materials range from 5 to 75 minutes and depend on our mutual agreements regarding the form of presentation and capturing of this important day for you. Whether it’s a slightly longer story or maybe a wedding music video? Regardless of what you choose, I always avoid somewhat banal and overused documentary-style capturing of such an important event, offering instead a modern approach to the subject, consisting of: dynamic editing, stunning 4K quality, and shots reminiscent of those we know from the silver screen.

How long does it take to edit a wedding film?

The editing time for a wedding film can vary and depends on several factors, such as the length of the raw footage, the complexity of the editing, the number of special effects, adding music, and the individual preferences of the clients. The standard waiting time for the finished film is usually around 3-8 months after the wedding date, but we always strive to deliver the final product as soon as possible. During our meeting, we always provide precise information about the time needed to edit your wedding film and agree on expectations regarding the delivery date of the final product.
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