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How do I operate as a wedding videographer in Krakow?

As a wedding videographer, I will be responsible for professionally recording and documenting the most important moments of the wedding ceremony. As a team, depending on the chosen package, we typically accompany the newlyweds from the preparations until midnight, including the wedding reception – giving us a total of about 10-12 hours together. However, remember that the time can be extended or shortened, depending on your preferences. Before the meeting, we usually finalize all the details. This allows me to prepare well for the job, such as planning the route, setting up camera positions, and taking care of other technical details, like ensuring an adequate number of batteries, memory cards, and equipment needed for recording. During the ceremony and wedding reception, I focus on capturing beautiful, cinematic shots, extracting the best details and emotions from each moment, while constantly keeping in mind your expectations for the final result, which we discuss during the meeting. My goal is to provide you with a keepsake that naturally reminds you of this special day.

Wedding videography and wedding in Krakow - price

The costs of wedding videography in Krakow are influenced by various factors including: the experience of the videographers, the scope of services, the length of the video, and additional options that can be added to the service, such as drone footage. The cost of our wedding videography services starts from 4500 PLN. It’s worth contacting us to discuss all the details, which will allow us to customize the offer (we also offer attractive promotional packages) according to your needs and budget.

How long have I been working as a wedding videographer in Krakow?

I have years of experience as a wedding videographer. Thanks to that, I understand the importance of being open to different ideas, so I’m always eager to listen to your feedback, suggestions, and proposals, striving to understand your expectations as best as possible. When filming wedding videos using professional equipment, I prioritize delivering the highest quality of footage. Additionally, I approach each project individually, bringing not only my knowledge and expertise but also a lot of energy, dedication, and passion. If you have any ideas or suggestions for how you envision your wedding video, please share them with me. The better I understand your preferences, the more confident I am that the final product will meet your expectations.

How long of a wedding video do I prepare?

Typically, the prepared materials range from 5 to 75 minutes and depend on mutual agreements regarding the presentation style and capturing of this important day for you. A Hollywood-style film, a longer story, or perhaps a wedding ceremony music video? Regardless of your choice, I move away from the classic and somewhat tedious way of presenting this significant event, opting instead for a modern approach that includes: scripted action, dynamic editing, beautiful 4K quality, and shots reminiscent of the popular style associated with the silver screen.

How long does it take to edit the wedding film?

The amount of time needed to edit the wedding film can vary depending on the length of the raw footage, the complexity of the editing, including the number of special effects involved. Additionally, we dedicate a significant amount of time to selecting music (we are open to your suggestions in this regard) and other individual preferences of the newlyweds. In the case of our productions, the waiting time for the finished film is approximately 3-8 months from the wedding date, but we always strive to deliver the final product as soon as possible. During our discussion, we always discuss the details regarding the editing time of the wedding film and agree on the expected delivery date of the final product.
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