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How do I operate as a wedding videographer in Warsaw?

My commitment to the job means not only delivering excellent video quality (we use 4K technology and incorporate drone shots and slow motion), but also ensuring your peace of mind on your wedding day. During the shoot, we operate discreetly, capturing the most important moments while respecting the solemnity of your ceremony. For me and my team, wedding videography is not just a job; it’s a passion that drives us to capture genuine, spontaneous emotions and fleeting moments – the very things that make your video unique. I am attentive and open to your feedback and suggestions to ensure that the final product meets your expectations, which is why it’s beneficial for us to meet beforehand. The information gathered will allow me to prepare accordingly, both in terms of creativity (setting up equipment, finding the best shots, determining the style and tone of the film) and organization (ensuring we have the necessary equipment, memory cards, and batteries).

I also offer various service packages tailored to individual needs and preferences. Whether you desire a short and dynamic video resembling a music video or a full-length documentation of the entire ceremony, I am ready to deliver! Trust in my experience and passion for filmmaking, and let’s create your lifelong keepsake together. Contact me today to discuss details and reserve a date to capture your wedding in Warsaw!

Wedding Videography in Warsaw - Price

The prices for wedding videography in the capital city depend on various factors such as the scope of services, the amount of recorded material, and the possible use of additional options like the style and editing of the film or including drone or slow-motion shots. In our case, the cost of wedding videography services starts from 4500 PLN. We encourage direct contact and scheduling a meeting to discuss details and tailor the offer to your preferences and budget – considering our attractive packages is worthwhile!

How long do I work as a cameraman at weddings in Warsaw?

My work as a wedding videographer in Warsaw is based on experience, professionalism, and passion. Over the years, I have captured unique moments at weddings, creating unforgettable films for newlyweds. I have many satisfied clients, perhaps because my goal is not just documenting the event, but primarily creating beautiful stories that will become a unique and cherished memento for a lifetime.

How long of a wedding film do I prepare?

We usually prepare materials ranging from 5 to 75 minutes in length. You don’t have to ponder too long about the duration – we’ll adjust it to your preferences, and once we understand your expectations, we’ll suggest the best cinematic format for you! Whether you desire a feature-length production in Hollywood style or a short wedding highlight video, our approach to filmmaking is modern and distinct from conventional norms. Our goal is to create dynamic and refined footage that perfectly captures the beauty of the moment. We employ a screenplay, engaging editing, and top-notch 4K quality, and if you’re interested, we also utilize drones to capture stylized shots reminiscent of the magic of the silver screen. Let us immortalize your story in an unforgettable way – contact us today!

How long does it take to edit a wedding film?

Dreaming of a wedding film that captures all the magical moments of your special day? You don’t have to worry about the editing taking ages! We ensure that the waiting time for the final film is as short as possible. We offer a comprehensive approach, taking into account every detail, from the length of the footage to the selection of the perfect music based on your suggestions. We carry out projects with passion and dedication, and the expected turnaround time is typically between 3 to 8 months. However, we always strive to deliver the final product as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your unique story promptly. Feel free to schedule a consultation, where we’ll discuss all the details and agree on the delivery date for the final version of your wedding film!
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