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Charles Studio


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Creativity, individuality and unconventionality are the features that describe our productions

Our achievements stand out with a unique style, which is based on two approaches: creativity and individualism, making each new assignment a new story for us. We avoid clichés, although through experience, we advise and know what works. A non-conventional approach to creating films and sessions, along with attention to every detail, ensures that the results of our work are exceptional and meet the highest expectations.
Professional filmmakers

We work with the most state-of-the-art equipment in the industry.

Equipment in our work must be reliable. That’s why we’re always up-to-date, keeping track of industry innovations and selecting the most optimal solutions. In wedding photography or filmmaking, capturing a specific moment is crucial, so we cannot afford compromises. Combined with our years of experience, top-quality equipment becomes a tool for telling the most beautiful stories. We’re waiting for yours.
Professional filmmakers

Post-production carried out by industry specialists

Post-production is the final, yet equally important element of the entire photographic or filmmaking process, which results in improving the quality of the image or shots, emphasizing the photography or image style, extracting details, and harmonizing aesthetics, all of which translates into the final result of the material you receive.
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We are passionate and creative filmmakers.